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The hottest summer shows

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Review | 1 comment

Jocelyn Gauthier, Legally Blonde, Theatre Under the Stars

Jocelyn Gauthier is pretty—and smart, and talented—in pink in Legally Blonde

I highly recommend three shows this summer: The Tempest and Cymbeline at Bard on the Beach, and Legally Blonde at Theatre Under the Stars.

Director Meg Roe offers a clear, hilarious, moving reading of The Tempest. It’s visually spectacular and there are topnotch performances all around.

We hardly ever get to see Cymbeline, but director Anita Rochon’s production strikingly original and clear-headed production reveals just how much fun—and how touching—the play’s storytelling can be. Watch especially for: the multiply-cast Anton Lipovetsky; Rachel Cairns, who plays the central character, Imogen; and Bob Frazer as the wicked Iachomo. Benjamin Elliot contributes his considerable talents as both actor and composer.

And Legally Blonde at TUTS is a ridiculous amount of fun. This is a remount of last year’s smash hit and the material just doesn’t get tired. Jocelyn Gauthier, who has taken over the lead role, is a knock-out. Terrific songs. Hilarious book. Excellent production under the direction of Valerie Easton.

Have fun! Brace yourselves for the Fringe!

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  1. Shawn

    I absolutely despised Cymbeline, they turned it into a farce, and the two young actors just cut up throughout. I was worried that Equivocation with the same cast would be as bad, but I just loved it and was amazed at how much better the same group of actors were. I am going to see Equivocation again.


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