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Holiday entertainment

by | Dec 13, 2012 | Review | 0 comments

John Murphy (centre) channels a biblical Basil Fawlty in Hotel Bethlehem

‘Tis the season—for remounts.

Of these, the best, in my books is the Ruby Slippers production of Hotel Bethlehem. Drew McCreadie’s script turns the story of the Nativity into a Fawlty Towers episode that focuses on the famously unaccommodating innkeeper. Diane Brown directs at a breakneck pace, John Murphy is hilarious as said innkeeper, and Scott Bellis and Alex Diakun very nearly steal the show playing a pair of phlegmatic old Jewish shepherds.

Hotel Bethlehem runs at the Shadbolt December 12 to 15 and at the Firehall December 18 to 23.

The other excellent show that’s up is Cirque to Soleil’s Amaluna, which is running until January 13. This spectacle, which strongly features female performers in a loose retelling of The Tempest, is transporting: the levels of talent and beauty are extreme. So are ticket prices. I sat in seats that would have cost me $255 if I’d been paying. Don’t get me wrong: I’m grateful. But that’s an insane amount of money to charge for family entertainment.

Adult tickets for Hotel Bethlehem at the Firehall cost 27 bucks.


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