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Georgia Straight Critics’ Choice Award: Vancouver Fringe (2016)

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Review | 0 comments

We did it. Last night, Kathleen Oliver and I gave out the Georgia Straight Critics’ Choice Award at the wrap-up celebration of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

We had a great list of nominees: The After After Party, The Ballad of Frank Allen, Charlatan!, Falling Awake, and The Orbweaver.

Because it’s our award and we can do whatever we want with it—which is liberating, believe me—we awarded two productions, The After After Party and The Orbweaver. These shows knocked us out in very different ways: the sustained lunacy of The After After Party, and the deep magic of The Orbweaver.

Big congratulations—and thanks—to all of the nominees.

And, great news! You can catch two of our nominated shows, Charlatan! and The After After Party at the Public Market Pick of the Fringe, which runs September 21 to 25 at Performance Works:


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