We Will Rock You: Nostalgia Bucks

publicity photo for We Will Rock You

Yes, queen! (Photo of Steffanie Davis as Killer Queen by Emily Cooper)

We Will Rock You is dripping with so much old-fart attitude you can almost smell it.

A jukebox musical built to cash in on the songs of Queen, We Will Rock You is relentlessly nostalgic and condescending. The thesis of Ben Elton’s book can be boiled down to: “The music kids listen to these days is shit. What they really need is a band like Queen to make them cooler, which means more like their grandparents.” Given all of that, it’s hardly surprising that We Will Rock You is also sexist, although it pretends not to be.

Before I go any further, let me also say that there are some excellent performances and other production successes in director Saccha Dennis’s mounting for Theatre Under the Stars. But let’s start with the story, which is set 300 years in the future, and build back up from there. [Read more…]

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