Escaped Alone: But we’re in this together



Western Gold Theatre is presenting Escaped Alone at PAL.

Lena (Anna Hagan), Vi (Jenn Griffin), and Sally (Eileen Barrett) pretend life is normal — even though the world is burning. (Photo by Javier Sotres)

Go see this show. Because you should never ever turn down a chance to see a play by Caryl Churchill. She’s been one of the most exciting dramatists in the world for the last 40 years, and she will fuck you up — and reward you — every single time.

In Escaped Alone, Churchill takes on the coming apocalypse. [Read more…]

Red Birds: twitter-brained

Western Gold Theatre and Solo Collective Theatre are presenting Aaron Bushkowsky's Red Birds at PAL.

There’s something going in in Red Birds but, trust me, you won’t care. (Left to right: France Perras, Gerry McKay, and Anna Hagen. Photo by Emily Cooper)

Aaron Bushkowsky’s new script Red Birds is flat-out dumb and—very occasionally—funny.

It’s tricky to talk about this play without giving away major plot points, but I’ll do my best. In Red Birds, Carol, who has just turned 50, contacts her birth mother Hannah for the first time. The other major characters include Carol’s adoptive mom Red and Carol’s daughter Ashley. A heterosexual love triangle emerges in which the apex is a guy named Derek.

Derek is a douche. He says things like, “You’re sure rockin’ those army boots! Sexy!” and, even more appealingly, “Everybody uses everybody when it comes to relationships.”

To be fair, Bushkowsky has deliberately made Derek a douche: Derek also says, “You can trust me despite how obviously shallow I am.” But this intentionality doesn’t rescue the heart of the play from meaninglessness. Derek is no prize, so nothing’s at stake in the romantic part of the love triangle: as an audience member, you just sit there for two acts waiting for the playwright to get rid of him. [Read more…]

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