Sex, shame, and land claims

Robert Salvador, Alexa Devine, Allan Morgan, and Manami Hara in This Stays in the Room

Robert Salvador, Alexa Devine, Allan Morgan, and Manami Hara get clear about shame in This Stays in the Room

This weekend, I highly recommend two shows.

This Stays in the Room (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre at the Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova) is based on true stories about shame and forgiveness. Mindy Parfitt’s direction is fantastically resourceful. And the show’s got a stellar cast (Alexa Devine, Manami Hara, Allan Morgan, and Robert Salvador). This Stays in the Room closes March 30, so book now. [Read more…]

Stan Douglas says that Vancouver’s contempt for artists gives him more room to move

Stan Douglas, Helen Lawrence, Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver

Stan Douglas conceived Helen Lawrence and is directing the project

Stan Douglas and Chris Haddock, the big brains behind Helen Lawrence, which opens next Wednesday, March 19, have some surprising things to say about why they choose to make art in Vancouver. These comments didn’t fit into my preview interview with the pair, which will appear in this Wednesday’s Straight, so here they are.  [Read more…]

How to make a press release media-friendly

publicity, Vancouver theatre, press releaseThis is another post for publicists. Again, I want to thank the theatre publicists of Vancouver for helping me so much. With this post, I’m hoping to provide some information that will help us all to do our jobs even more efficiently.

When I get a press release, I’m primarily looking for information, not  prose, so please don’t bury the relevant material—the run dates, the venue, the principal artists—in the body of your copy. [Read more…]

Greasy mess

Vancouver theatre, Studio 58, Grease, Peter Jorgensen, Lauren Jackson, Chirag Naik

Lauren Jackson’s Sandy cozies up to Markian Tarasiuk’s Danny in Studio 58’s Grease.

Peter Jorgensen’s direction of Grease at Studio 58 is bit of a mess, but some student performances shine through. [Read more…]

The story on West Side Story

Troika Productions, West Side Story, Jerome Robbins, Vancouver theatre, Vancouver editor

The dancers in Troika Productions’ West Side Story get high on Jerome Robbins’s choreography

One of the arguments against non-Equity touring productions, such as Troika Entertainment’s West Side Story, which is at the QE until this weekend, is that patrons get sucked into paying inflated high prices to see performers who have never appeared on the Great White Way. This West Side Story ain’t cheap—85 bucks will get you a seat in the last row—and many of the actors are still in training. But they’re also very good.  [Read more…]

Online comment: revenge of the idiots?

online comments, Georgia Straight, Vancouver theatre, Ronnie Burkett, Virtual Stage, the Arts Club, The Daisy Theatre

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is an idiot, but many of the people who comment on aren’t.

I was all prepared to write a rant about the sorry state of online commenting. I was going to tie it into Rob Ford and the general decline in public discourse. But—you know what?—in the theatre section of, the state on online commentary ain’t so bad.  [Read more…]

Get a measure of Mom medicine this weekend

Vancouver theatre, PuSh Festival, A Brimful of Asha, Ravi Jain, Arts Club Theatre

The delight that mother and son Ravi and Asha Jain take in each other makes A Brimful of Asha an infectious good time

I  highly recommend two shows in the world of Vancouver theatre this weekend: Asha and Ravi Jain’s A Brimful of Asha and TJ Dawe’s Medicine. I’ve also got high hopes for director Kevin Bennett’s take on Measure for Measure, which opens at Pacific Theatre tonight.  [Read more…]

2013: Top shows and emerging artists

Ronnie Burkett, The Daisy Theatre, Vancouver theatre, top 10 2013

Despite being named after a douche, Esme Massengil is glamour incarnate in Ronnie Burkett’s The Daisy Theatre

In this post, I’ll list my top ten from 2013, then I’ll pick out six emerging artists who are particularly promising.

BTW, no wonder I love the Fringe Festival: it consistently presents some of the most innovative work we see all season. It does so in the context of a celebratory festival. And tickets are affordable. Of the ten top shows I’m about to name, three were at the Fringe.

[Read more…]

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