The story on West Side Story

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The dancers in Troika Productions’ West Side Story get high on Jerome Robbins’s choreography

One of the arguments against non-Equity touring productions, such as Troika Entertainment’s West Side Story, which is at the QE until this weekend, is that patrons get sucked into paying inflated high prices to see performers who have never appeared on the Great White Way. This West Side Story ain’t cheap—85 bucks will get you a seat in the last row—and many of the actors are still in training. But they’re also very good.  [Read more…]

Online comment: revenge of the idiots?

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Toronto mayor Rob Ford is an idiot, but many of the people who comment on aren’t.

I was all prepared to write a rant about the sorry state of online commenting. I was going to tie it into Rob Ford and the general decline in public discourse. But—you know what?—in the theatre section of, the state on online commentary ain’t so bad.  [Read more…]

Shameless self-promotion

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One thing about working with writers: they express their appreciation very articulately.

Is it shameless self-promotion even if I’m quoting other people?  Yeah, it is. But what the heck.

One of the best things about working as a substantive editor and story editor is that the authors I work with are so darn appreciative.  [Read more…]

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