Tommy: even harder to perform than it looks

Renegade Arts is producing Tommy.

Little Tommy and Big Tommy struggle—sort of—in The Who’s musical.

The Who’s Tommy is beyond the abilities of this company. And that’s not a big knock on Renegade Arts; this material is ridiculously difficult.

In this stage version of the story, which is based on The Who’s concept album from 1969, Tommy’s dad comes home from WWII, in which he has presumably been killed in action, and murders his mom’s new boyfriend. Having witnessed the shooting and been told by his parents to shut up about it, Tommy becomes catatonic—famously a “deaf, dumb, and blind kid”. As a young man, he also becomes a pinball wizard. And, when he miraculously recovers from his catatonia, he is surprised to find that his fans want to treat him like a guru, to become like him: to Tommy, the miracle is that he can finally be more like them. [Read more…]

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