5 quick tips for writing a readable review


Hilton Als. Columbia University. The New Yorker. Theatre critic.

Hilton Als is an associate prof at Columbia University and a theatre critic at The New Yorker magazine. He’s really good. You should read this guy.


I’m looking for emerging critics who would be interested in helping me to cover the Vancouver Fringe Festival. If you’re interested in this gig—which will involve a little money, although not tons—please submit a sample review of between 200 and 600 words to colin@colinthomas.ca.

If you’re a member of a marginalized community, all the better. Let me know about that. Theatre criticism needs more diverse voices. PLEASE DO THIS BY MONDAY, AUGUST 13.

Here you go: [Read more…]

Colin Thomas was the theatre critic for The Georgia Straight for 30 years.




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