Straight Jacket Winter: major charm, minor disappointment

Vancouver's Théâtre la Seizième is presenting Straight Jacket Winter.

In Straight Jacket Winter, Julie Trépanier and Frédéric Lemay lounge in their underwear. It’s enough to give ennui a good name.

It’s charming. It’s innovative—even daring. And then it peters out.

In Straight Jacket Winter, co-writers Esther Duquette and Gilles Poulin-Denis tell an autobiographical story about the alienation they felt when they moved from Montreal to Vancouver in 2011.

Duquette and Poulin-Denis have both worked a lot with Théâtre la Seizième and Duquette is the company’s new artistic and managing director but, as fresh arrivals to Vancouver, their on-stage counterparts complain bitterly about the state of theatre in Terminal City: “There’s no exploration of form!” [Read more…]

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