The Cultch, your theatre destination this weekend

Butt Kapinski, The Cultch, Vancouver theatre

Playing with your Butt (Kapinski) at the Cultch this weekend

This weekend, the Cultch has the two best shows in town: Ronnie Burkett’s The Daisy Theatre and Deanna Fleysher’s Butt Kapinski.

Butt Kapinski is a participatory clown show. Don’t be a wuss. Show up and play. You’ll feel liberated. Fleysher sticks her hand into gender and pulls it inside out, like a sock.

If you’ve seen The Daisy Theatre before, you probably don’t need to catch this year’s iteration; there’s not enough new material to merit it. But, Jesus, when this marionette cabaret works, it really, really works. Just wait for Schnitzel, the clown fairy, and Little Woody Linden, who is a ventriloquist’s dummy controlled by a marionette ventriloquist. Think about it.

Online comment: revenge of the idiots?

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Toronto mayor Rob Ford is an idiot, but many of the people who comment on aren’t.

I was all prepared to write a rant about the sorry state of online commenting. I was going to tie it into Rob Ford and the general decline in public discourse. But—you know what?—in the theatre section of, the state on online commentary ain’t so bad.  [Read more…]

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