Rocko and Nakota:Tales from the Land is naïve, but it’s also so witty and openhearted that I’m very grateful for it.

In his solo show, Josh Longueduc introduces us to a little boy named Nakota who’s presenting a class project about a superhero. Very quickly, Nakota’s project threads in stories from his grandfather who comes to visit the little guy while he’s in the hospital: Nakota keeps passing out for some reason and he’s terrified that he’s going to die.

The story’s explicit and repeated message is that, if you speak your truth, people will listen. Yeah. Maybe. Depending on your truth.

But Longueduc slyly twists the trope of Indigenous wisdom: Rocko solemnly delivers bromides, but they’re not ancient lessons, they’re quotes from Metallica and the Beach Boys.

And, as a performer, Longueduc could hardly be more vulnerable or charismatic. 

At the Waterfront Theatre on September 7 (6:45 p.m.), 8 (3 p.m.), 9 (7:15 p.m.), 11 (5 p.m.), 14 (10:35 p.m.), and 16 (6:30 p.m.) Tickets > Colin Thomas(This review is based on a performance at the Victoria Fringe.)



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