Much Ado About Nothing: It’s about more than this

Classic Chic Productions is presenting Much Ado About Nothing at The Cultch

Benedick (Corina Akeson) kneels in front of his love Beatrice (Christina Wells Campbell)

A director needs to create a coherent world for a production. That’s their primary job. But Rebecca Patterson’s take on Much Ado About Nothing is all over the place.

Much Ado is an interesting choice for Classic Chic Productions, which mounts all-female shows. The most compelling interpretations of Much Adothat I’ve seen have emphasized the gender divisions in the play. Men are soldiers and women are chattel. Both positions are dangerous and both depend on the public perception of honour, which is a fragile commodity. Within this context, the banter between Beatrice and Benedick, the central lovers, can be seen as a form of self-defence. [Read more…]

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