Men Express Their Feelings — for your delight and edification

publicity photo for Men Express Their Feelings

Munish Sharma, Ishan Sandhu, and Quinn Churchill in a replay (Photo by Tina Krueger Kulic)

I’m having an identity crisis. If Vancouver companies don’t stop producing such good shows, I’m going to lose my reputation for being a hard ass.

Zee Zee Theatre’s production of Sunny Drake’s Men Express Their Feelings is a terrific ride.

It’s about two father/son pairs. The high-school-aged boys are on the same hockey team but, after one of their games, Mr. Bacon punched Mr. Sharma in the nose. That led to Ms. Skinner, who has some kind of authority in the league, laying down the law: either all four of them participate in a sharing circle — in their home arena’s locker room — or the boys won’t be back on the ice in time for the following week’s game (and a big scout from the majors is coming to that). [Read more…]

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