Mary Poppins at TUTS: the reason for living

Theatre Under the Stars presented Mary Poppins in Malkin Bowl.

You really will feel grand when this Mary Poppins holds your hand. (Photo by Tim Matheson)

This is what life is for. Really. I’m not exaggerating.

This realization hit me as I was in Malkin Bowl watching the Theatre Under the Stars production of the musical Mary Poppins. The backdrop behind the number “Step in Time” was soaked in indigo lighting that was more seductive somehow for being outdoors. Sensual in itself, the natural setting highlights the beauty of artifice, the joy of human self-expression. In front of that fake blue sky, there was a cheesy—lovely—curtain of stars, bright reminders of the invisible stars above our heads. I was sitting next to someone I love—my ex’s 18-year-old daughter—in a community that I love, Vancouver. And I was watching a damn good show. What could be better? [Read more…]

Mary Poppins kicks butt

The Arts Club's Mary Poppins is solid holiday entertainment.

Kayla James offers a flintier Mary Poppins than Sara Jeanne Hosie gave us. Both approaches work.

Mary Poppins is back and she’s kicking butt.

The Arts Club first mounted the musical in 2013 and they’ve been reviving it as holiday entertainment intermittently since then. This latest iteration is as strong as the first.

The stage musical is significantly different from the 1964 movie, although the basic story, which is set in Victorian London, remains the same. Mary, a magical nanny, flies in on the wind to help stabilize the financially prosperous but emotionally struggling Banks family—essentially by opening the heart of George Banks, the father, to the needs and love of his young children, Jane and Michael. [Read more…]

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