Iceland: your weekend destination

Iceland, Nicolas Billon, Kathleen Duborg, Vancouver theatre

Lindsey Angell (top) as Kassandra, Munish Sharma as Halim, and Georgia Beaty as Anna in Nicolas Billon’s Iceland

Iceland‘s last show is tomorrow night. Go. Lindsey Angell’s performance will knock your socks off. The whole show, from the script up, is a pleasure.

Iceland is part of playwright Nicolas Billon’s triptych, Fault Lines, which also includes Greenland and Faro Islands. Using monologues in an imaginative exploration of capitalism, Billon introduces is to an Estonian student working as a prostitute in Vancouver, a real estate agent, and a conservative Christian woman.

The play betrays itself a bit—the climax is forced—but, other than that, the writing is terrifically smart and original.

Under Kathleen Duborg’s direction, all of the performances are strong, including Munish Sharma’s Halim (the realtor), and Georgia Beatty’s Anna (the Christian). But it’s Angell’s performance as Kassandra, the student/hooker, that will leave you gobsmacked. I’ve been a fan of Angell’s work since she was a student at Studio 58. She has SO arrived.

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