How the World Began — and how it stalled

Publicity photo for How the World Began

Here’s a young actor to watch: Even Rein.
Meghan Gardiner is in the foreground.
(Photo by Diamond’s Edge Photography)

It’s kind of like a horror movie with an obvious out — like “Why don’t they just call the cops?”

In her 2011 script How the World Began, Catherine Trieschmann sets up an artificial conflict between the scientific and the religious. Susan has recently arrived in Plainview, Kansas, to teach biochemistry at the local high school. At first, she claims that her reasons for coming are altruistic: she wants to help out because a tornado has recently leveled the town and left 17 dead. But it soon emerges that she’s also there for more pressing practical reasons: she’s about to become a single mom, and this job offers both quick teaching certification and health insurance.

Coming from New York, though, Susan is politically and culturally blue — and Plainview is not. [Read more…]

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