Cariboo Magi: an eccentric (and, in many ways, welcome) Christmas gift

Far From the Tree Productions is presenting Lucia Frangione's Cariboo Magi at the Havana.

A romance that’s both hot and cold — like Barkerville cold.
(Photo of Zach Running Coyote and Shelby Wyminga by Courtney Brice)

Sometimes old friends turn up at Christmas and you’re not sure at first what to do with them. Although I remembered it fondly, it’s been years since I’ve seen Lucia Frangione’s Cariboo Magi and it took me a while to renegotiate the terms of our relationship. [Read more…]

What We’re Up Against: the politics outweighs the art

Thersa Rebeck's What We're Up Against is playing at the Havana Theatre.

Natalie Moon’s Eliza is justifiably pissed. (Photo by Justine Warrington)

In What We’re Up Against, playwright Theresa Rebeck makes legitimate points, but the way she makes them is so boring! [Read more…]

Hysteria: important ideas in search of a theatrical focus

Direct Theatre Collective is presenting Hysteria at the Havana Theatre.

Theatre of protest. (Photo by Rae MacEachern-Eastwood/Catchfall Photography)

A furious artist once told me, “I don’t care about structure! I don’t want to hear about structure!” — or words to that effect. She should probably not read this review. [Read more…]

The Fitting Room: the pieces don’t fit

Collectivus Theatre is presenting The Fitting Room at the Havana Theatre.

Kelly Vanderswan as Amy, the mom, and Ciaran Volke as Henry in Ellery Lamm’s The Fitting Room. (Photo by Victoria Simpson)

Ellery Lamm, who wrote The Fitting Room, shows promise as a playwright, but that promise hasn’t ripened yet. [Read more…]

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