The Gay Heritage Project: show this show some love, Vancouver

The Gay Heritage Project, The Cultch

Damien Atkins, Andrew Kushnir, and Paul Dunn in The Gay Heritage Project: show ’em some love, Vancouver!

Okay, Vancouver, we need to talk. What’s up? Why aren’t you turning out for The Gay Heritage Project, which is playing The Cultch until March 19? It’s a really good show, and word has it that, as of today, ticket sales suck.

If you’re straight and you think that this show isn’t about you or you’re not going to understand it, get a grip. Of course you’re going to have fun. This is a gay show. Remember how funny we are?

And, if you’re gay, what the fuck? How many opportunities do you have to take in a really smart, witty script that seriously addresses your history and identity? Get out there and buy those damn tickets. Seriously. You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. If you’re a gay man and you think that the title, The Gay Heritage Project, sounds too academic, buck up: all three actors are really cute.

This weekend, go gay

The Gay Heritage Project, The Cultch, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Paul Dunn, Andrew Kushnir, and Damien Atkins in The Gay Heritage Project. I have no idea what they’re doing in this moment.

I don’t care who you’re having sex with, as long as nobody is getting hurt—well, as long as nobody is getting hurt non-consensually—go see The Gay Heritage Project at the Cultch.

In this production from Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, three young, gay artists—Damien Atkins, Paul Dunn, and Andrew Kushnir—explore gay identity, politics, and history. With references to everybody from Charlie’s Angels to Michel Foucault, The Gay Heritage Projectis really funny, really moving, and so frickin’ smart.

Every letter of the sexual alphabet will have a good time.

Phone the Cultch’s box office at 604-251-1363.

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