Elf, the Musical: hits within a miss

publicity photo for Elf, the Musical

Can’t get enough of this guy: Andrew McNee as Buddy (Costume by Christine Reimer, photo by David Cooper)

This might sound weird but Andrew McNee is playing Buddy the elf in this production and, when I was watching him, I had a sudden — glorious — flash of his mortality. And mine. I was suddenly aware of how lucky I was, in that unique moment, to be witnessing this inspired performer hurling himself into Buddy who was hurling himself into a jazzy number called “Sparklejollytwinklejingly”. I even thought, “Will they speak of the legend of Andrew McNee one day?” I mean probably not, but he is that good.

There’s a less enthusiastic context for this: I don’t think the musical itself works. But let me celebrate more successes before I get into that. [Read more…]

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