Clean/Espejos: One of the best shows in years

publicity photo for Clean/Espejos

Alexandra Lainfiesta and Genevieve Fleming (Photo by David Markwei)

Clean/Espejos is so good that I’m worried about not doing being able to do it justice in this review.

The script — written by Christine Quintana with translation and adaptation by Paula Zelaya-Cervantes — is an impressively mature work of art that its two characters deliver in Spanish and English in what are, for the most part, overlapping monologues.

Adriana is a floor manager at the Paradise resort in Cancun. Vancouverite Sarah is there for her younger sister Maddy’s destination wedding. When she was 16, Adriana escaped her small town — and family trauma — to work in Cancun. She keeps busy to avoid those memories. When Sarah is overwhelmed, she drinks: shortly after we meet her, we watch her racing against “the blackout countdown”, trying to get to her room before she passes out in the hallway. [Read more…]

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