Bunny: Hop to it. (Sorry, but you really should.)

publicity photo for Bunny

Emma Slipp is a star. (Photo: Emily Cooper)

Because standing up for everything makes standing ovations meaningless, I hardly ever give them. But I was on my feet at the end of Bunny before I knew it — and I was hollering, “Brava! Brava! Brava!” I was so moved by this play and production. And I am so proud of actor Emma Slipp.

A girl-then-woman named Sorrel is at the centre of Hannah Moscovitch’s script. (Sorrel’s best friend nicknames her Bunny.) The play is about Sorrel’s sexual desire, her struggle to come to terms with a hunger that society keeps telling her is inappropriate in a woman. I’m so glad that Moscovitch is celebrating female lust — and I’ve got to say that, as a queer man, much of that struggle is immediately emotionally available. [Read more…]

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