This, Here: a good place to visit


David Bloom, Olivia Hutt, and Sara Vickruck are the three performers in Babelle Theatre's This, Here.

In This, Here, David Bloom, Olivia Hutt, and Sara Vickruck explore work, identity, and egotism.

In This, Here, the central character struggles with the alienation and egotism of making a living from your feelings, which is one of the downsides of being an artist

Alison, who is an actor, has lost her joy in performing. And her partner Maddie is just about ready to give up on the catering business she’s been building for five years: it’s going well, but only because Maddie is still putting in 60- and 70-hour weeks. To get a breather from their career crises, Alison and Maddie are visiting Alison’s father Brian on the Sunshine Coast, where he has moved and where he hopes to finish the play that he’s been working on for six years.

With Maddie in the mix, This, Hereis obviously about more than artistic angst: it’s about professional struggle and the ways that we define ourselves through our work. But the juiciest material is about artists—and narcissism.

Brian is a flaming asshole. If you don’t know what solipsism means, watch this guy: everything is about him. When Maddie speaks openly and painfully about her struggles with her business and tears well up in her eyes, Brian’s response is to suggest they read a play of his because Maddie’s dilemma made him think of it. When Brian’s wife died, the big crisis for him was how long it took before he could write about it. [Read more…]

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