No Child… : Yes, child!

Celia Aloma, Arts Club Theatre, No Child...

Celia Aloma reminds us that live theatre is all about embodiment. (Photo by Moonrider Productions.)

Are you looking for a really good reason to go back to the theatre? Here you go: the Arts Club’s production of Nilaja Sun’s No Child… will remind you what it’s all about. [Read more…]

Cipher: as in zero

The Arts Club and Vertigo Theatre are presenting Cipher at the Granville Island Stage

They stare at one another and we stare at them, waiting for something meaningful to happen.
(Photo of Ellen Close and Praneet Akilla by David Cooper)

A cipher can be a code. It can also be a zero. Cipher is a play about a code — and a play that adds up to very little. [Read more…]

Noises Off: Right On


The Arts Club is producing David Frayn's Noises Off at the Stanley Theatre.

Actors appalled by escalating calamity. (Photo of Emma Slipp, Jovanni Sy, Tess Degenstein, Colleen Winton, and Charlie Gallant by David Cooper)

There’s something sublime about farce when it’s well done and this Arts Club production of Noises Off is very well done. [Read more…]

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