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Onegin: more

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Review | 0 comments

Onegin, Arts Club, Andrew McNee, Lauren Jackson

Andrew McNee and Lauren Jackson are having an excellent time in Onegin. Mind you, dressed in Jacqueline Firkins’s fabulous costumes, I’d be having fun, too.

When I write reviews, I try to cram in as much information as possible—but there’s almost never enough room, so, right here, I’m going to cram in a little bit more about the Arts Club’s production of Onegin.

Director Amiel Gladstone has done a fantastic job.

A couple of images spring to mind. One is Gladstone’s staging of the duel. I’ll leave the moment for you to discover. Let me just say that it works because it’s so  understated.

The other image is of actor Lauren Jackson running across the stage. This is kind of a random memory, but it’s telling, I think. Jackson’s character, Olga, is happy in that moment, but, so, I think, is Jackson. And that’s emblematic of the palpable sense of JOY that saturates this production: everybody on-stage seems to be having a REALLY GOOD TIME. That joy comes from the company, of course, but, in to setting the tone, the director is hugely important.

And, of course, under Gludstone’s direction, the whole frickin’ thing is insanely stylish and vivacious. But I’ve said that already in my review, which is on

Go see Onegin. It is, hands down, the best show on this weekend.


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