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> David Johnston

This show is spectacular, by the strictest definition: a spectacle, and not much else.

There’s nothing in the way of plot. This story fragments in this 20-minute-long acrobatics recital range from simplistic (a man watches anime…and then fights an anime character!) to ludicrously insane (so the insurance salesman climbs onto the zombiecoaster…) and it’s unmemorable.

There’s nothing in the way of acting. Every line delivery from this eight-member cast has a rough, stilted feel rarely found outside of fabric softener commercials or porn.

So we’re left with the spectacle, which is unquestionably impressive and beautiful, with backflips and balances and body tosses. Is that enough? Well, there’s a tentativeness to some of the setups and they biffed the timing on a few of the complicated tricks. I’m hypercritical here because when the acrobatics is all there is, it sort of has to be perfect. Which this was not quite.

There’s a way to marry circus and theatre in a wondrous combination. This is not it.

Remaining performances at the Waterfront Theatre on September 15 (10:10 p.m.) and September 16 (5:15p.m.)


* This is a guest review.

David Johnston is a Vancouver-based actor, aerialist, and writer, not in that order. He recently hailed from the Edmonton Fringe, where he saw many excellent shows and also ate a green onion cake. The green onion cake got three-and-a-half stars. David is a recent graduate of Studio 58, and is currently writing a script about reviews, so this should be a rather meta experience. He’s delighted to join FRESH SHEET for the Vancouver Fringe.



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