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Outline analysis for your story

Outline analysis by Colin Thomas - Vancouver Editor

I can help you to shave weeks, even months, off your writing process by analyzing your story outline before you start to flesh it out. If you make sure that you have a reliable map in place, you’re much more likely to get where you want to go! That said, I encourage writers to stay loose with their outlines—an outline is meant to be a guide, not a limitation—and to stay open to changes in direction during the writing process.

“Wow, Colin! Your comments are beyond what I expected. Your input is brilliant. No wonder you’re so highly regarded.Your comments have made me see the wisdom in writing an outline beforehand, at least a tentative one.” Julie Lawson, winner of the Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Prize and author of Seaborne

See it [an outline analysis] as a career investment, an intense one-on-one writers’ workshop. Or a big timesaver and confidence booster. Colin has a marvelous talent for working with both people and words (along with a super sense of humor), I’ve been particularly happy with his work and can heartily recommend him.” Pam Withers, author of 15 best-selling young-adult books, including the Take It To The Extreme series

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