Editing Services

Editing Services by Colin Thomas - Vancouver Editor

My job is to help you to get the bones of your story right.

Substantive editing of books and stories

Whether you’re working on a novel or a short story, a memoir or some other form of non-fiction, I will help you to make your story more vivid by applying principles of escalating tension and deepening insight. Find out more…

Story editing for film

The film industry is scrupulous about story structure. I will guide you through the three-act model and show you how liberating it can be. Find out more…

Children’s literature

Young readers demand a driving plot, a conceptually consistent fictional world, and zero condescension from the author. Being a successful kids’ writer myself, I can help you to get the most out of your young people’s project. Find out more…

Outline analysis

I can help you to shave weeks, even months, off your writing process by analyzing your story outline before you start to flesh it out. Find out more…

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