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Newsies: the news is it’s frickin’ fantastic

Newsies TUTS

Just wait till they start dancing. (Photo by Lindsay Elliott)

This show features some of the best musical-theatre choreography I’ve ever seen — and I’m gay and old, so I have seen a lot of musical theatre, my children. [Read more…]

Mamma Mia!: a nest of earworms

Theatre Under the Stars is presenting Mamma Mia! at Malkin Bowl in 2019.

Shiny pretty things. (Photo of Lori Ashton Zondag, Caitriona Murphy, and Sheryl Anne Wheaton by Lindsay Elliott.)

Mamma Mia! Here were go again.

Mostly, director Shel Piercy’s production of this ABBA jukebox musical is cluttered and loud, but it also contains some really good bits. [Read more…]

All’s Well That Ends Well: the pick of the season (so far) at Bard

Bard on the Beach is producing All's Well That Ends Well at Bard on the Beach.

Sarena Parmar is both steely and fragile as Helena in All’s Well That Ends Well (Photo by Emily Cooper)

Yes! This is the Bard on the Beach production I’ve been waiting for. This is the one to see.

All’s Well That Ends Well is rarely produced — and there are good reasons for that — but co-directors Johnna Wright and Rohit Chokhani have set the story in India in 1947, in the last days of the British Raj, and that choice unleashes myriad pleasures. It’s exciting to see more of Vancouver represented onstage and in the audience, thrilling to hear Hindi spoken in a Bard production, a joy to be introduced to so much previously unfamiliar talent, and a treat to revel in the aesthetic exuberance of the spectacle — including the glittering fabrics and infectious dancing. [Read more…]

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