Performed in Railspur Alley, FIX takes us on a site-specific and interactive journey through addiction—to drugs, smoking, food, even power. It’s also a personal journey: members of the Elegant Ladies Collective share their own stories.

The cast includes a variety of strong writers who use physical metaphors to give us a better understanding of addiction. The image of Ainslie Glass standing on a seesaw, fighting to balance her life as a drug addict, sticks with me.

However, as actors, I found most of the writers/performers more sentimental than truly vulnerable. Dealing with a drug addict mom, I felt like Mercedes Deutscher was forcing herself to be upset, for instance.

On the positive side, Linda Lawson speaks from her heart when talking about her addiction to sleeping pills.

If FIX is going to be performed again, director Leslie Stark could strengthen the show by supporting more in-depth acting.

Remaining performances at Railspur Alley on September 8 (7 p.m.), 10 (7 p.m.), 13 (7 p.m.), 14 (7 p.m.), and 15 (7 p.m.) > Sarvin Esmaeili


This is a guest review.

theatre artist who cares a lot about diversity, inclusion and creating her own theatre and music. Sarvin is fluent in three languages: Farsi, English, and French. She loves reading, travelling, writing and going to the theatre. She is a co-playwright/performer of One of a Kind at the 2018 Vancouver International Children’s Festival and Doors of Choice and Identity at Vancouver Youth Theatre. She has done community theatre at Evergreen Cultural Center, Place des Arts and Pinetree Secondary’s Treehouse Theatre.


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