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The Money Shot: Save your cash

Four actors pretend to fight behind a velvet rope. Publicity still for The Money Shot.

In The Money Shot, playwright Neil LaBute mocks obvious Hollywood targets

I started checking my watch about a half hour in. And time slowed down after that.

Supposedly, Neil LaBute’s The Money Shot is a comedy.

Set on the Hollywood terrace of an Oscar-winning lesbian actor, LaBute’s script features three movieland airheads and one bitter intellectual, who is, presumably, LaBute’s stand-in.

Karen, the homeowner, is starring in a movie opposite Steve. Karen’s career has flagged since she came out and Steve is an aging action star. Their edgy European director has suggested that they try something boundary-pushing during the sex scene they’ll be shooting the next day and, because Karen and Steve are both desperate to reestablish their careers, they are considering it.

It takes forever for LaBute to name what Karen and Steve are debating, which is a tedious tease: he has named his play The Money Shot for fuck’s sake. [Read more…]

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