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Vancouver Greenroom 5: The people! United! Will be involved in programming!


Vancouver Greenroom: the online gathering place for our community.


The York's Theatre Royal has an inclusive programming strategy.

Can the masses be trusted to help program a venue like this? Why yes, yes they can.


 In England, the York Theatre Royal has launched a program that invites people who don’t go to the theatre to have a say in the programming. Are they nuts?

Apparently not. It’s working. And the company hasn’t ended up with a season full of Agatha Christie thrillers.

Go figure. Who knew that respecting the general public could be a viable strategy? [Read more…]

Nomadic Tempest is very, very bad

Paul Kirby wrote and directed Nomadic Tempest for Caravan Stage.

Children appear—in video—in Nomadic Tempest, but their dialogue is awful and the video is alienating.

Somebody’s got to say it: Nomadic Tempest is pretentious hippie gibberish.

Caravan Theatre started in 1970 in the BC interior and split into two groups in 1985. One bunch, Caravan Farm Theatre, has been producing shows on its land outside Armstrong ever since. Since 1993, Caravan Stage, the company that’s producing Nomadic Tempest,  has been sailing the world on its boat, the Amara Zee, which is currently moored on the south side of False Creek. Audience members sit in chairs or on bleachers on the shore to watch the show, which mostly takes place on the vessel.

It’s amazing to me that a company that’s been producing theatre for so long has managed to come up with a product that is so boring. [Read more…]

What is HAPPENING with my website?

I crashed my website.

Sorry, folks. Sometimes I’m not the sharpest tack in the pack—but I do have the sharpest hat.

What’s happening with my website?

Well you might ask.

Last week, just as I was heading off on a brief vacation, I crashed my website. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it was entirely my fault.

Thanks to the wizardry of Giorgio Riccardi at Sea to Sky Web Solutions, my site has been restored. THANK-YOU, GIORGIO!

Today, I’ve been repopulating the site with a bunch of material that wasn’t backed up by my previous web host. And I forgot to turn off my Facebook and Twitter notifications. That’s why I’ve been overwhelming these feeds. SORRY!

Sometimes I feel like the opposite of a genius.

VANCOUVER GREENROOM 4: In praise of stage managers

Vancouver Greenroom is all about the local theatre community.


Stage Managers, The Stage.

Stage managers, including the lovely Angela Beaulieu, keep productions sane.

[Read more…]

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