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Backstage in Biscuit Land: Let her in!

The PuSh Festival presented Backstage in Biscuit Land in Vancouver.

Jess Mabel Jones and Jess Thoms explore Tourette’s—including the delights of sharing your bathroom with your helpers.

Jess Thom, who has Tourette Syndrome, says that, ages ago, a friend of hers described Tourette’s as a “crazy, language-generating machine”. He also told her that she’d be nuts not to use her condition to make art. That friend was right. Very right. Extraordinarily correct. [Read more…]

Cuisine and Confessions: Eat it up

Cuisine and Confessions was at the Playhouse.

Cuisine and Confessions makes the mundane transcendent.

Friends, don’t even read to the end of the review before you book tickets for Cuisine and Confessions. Do it now. Here’s the link:

Having done that, you should know: Cuisine and Confessions is one of the most sublime acrobatic performances you’ll ever see. Québec company The 7 Fingers has gathered performers from around the world. In Cuisine and Confessions, these artists share their considerable skills as well as personal stories about what food has meant in their lives. While doing that, they also cook. At the end of the performance, you can share in the meal.

I defy you to see this show and not shout out in joy and wonder. [Read more…]

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