Kick yourself some Butt Kapinski

In 2013, solo artist Deanna Fleysher brought Butt Kapinskito the Vancouver Fringe. It contained some of the best clowning I’ve seen.

Butt, the title character, is a detective with a reclusive R, the style of the show is clown noir—Butt lights the whole thing with a desk lamp that’s strapped to his back—and, although Butt Kapinski is nominally solo performances, the entire audience gets involved in hysterically immersive ways.

Now the Fringe is bringing Butt back in a new show called Butt Kapinski: Dick on the Loose. It runs November 3 to 5 at the BMO Theatre Centre.

What’s going to happen this time? Who the fuck knows? That’s part of the fun. And don’t worry; you’ll be in good hands. Fleysher has won awards at the Hollywood, Edmonton, Calgary, Orlando, Adelaide, and Vancouver Fringe Festivals.
Jump. Go for it. Just jump.

BUTT KAPINKSY: DICK ON THE LOOSE, by Deanna Fleysher. In the Grant D. Burnyeat Rehearsal Hall from November 3 to 5.

Recommended. Get tickets here:

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