It’s all in the casting. Well, a whole lot of it is, anyway.

Caitlin McCarthy, Scratch

Caitlin McCarthy’s character, Anna, has a dying mom—and head lice—in Charlotte Corbel-Coleman’s Scratch

You know what they say: it’s all in the casting. And director Genevieve Fleming has cast very well in Scratch: Eileen Barrett, David Bloom, Stephanie Izsak, Caitlin McCarthy, Tamara McCarthy, and Markian Tarasiuk all come together to explore Charlotte Corbeille-Colman’s script, in which the central character, a teenage girl, tries to cope with the death of her mother.

The script is often funny as well as moving, and the actors lavish such love on it, they are all so responsive to it, that they explore every bit of the script’s potential for evoking both laughter and tears.

The script itself is a little wonky—there’s not enough plot, and it goes on a bit too long—but its textures are so interesting that it does a surprisingly good job of sustaining itself.

Scratch plays at the Havana until June 13.

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