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Adam Lazarus, The Art of Building a Bunker, QuipTake., rEvolver Festival

Adam Lazarus does unspeakable things with a roast chicken in The Art of Building a Bunker

The best show I’ve seen this week—the best show I’ve seen in many weeks—is The Art of Building a Bunker, which is playing here as part of the rEvolver Festival. 

In this script, which was written by solo performer Adam Lazarus and director Guillermo Verdecchia, a guy named Elvis is forced to attend sensitivity training.

The show is all about the terms of public discourse and it gets really frickin’ edgy, which is exhilarating. Bunker invites us to laugh at racial stereotypes, for instance, and, at first, there’s hilarity in the transgressive release. But there’s also discomfort, especially as the show keeps pushing.

Lazarus, whose background is in bouffon (a dark type of clowning), is a phenomenal performer—especially physically.

The show is too long and some of it doesn’t make sense—to me anyway—but it’s really worth it.

If you don’t go—and laugh and cry—you’ll get fired.

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