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Why we shouldn’t take the Jessies too seriously

Jessies, The Seafarer, Pacific Theatre, Vancouver theatre

The ONLY Jessie The Seafarer won was for outstanding production. What’s up with that?

If we ever needed a reminder of why we shouldn’t take the Jessies too seriously, all we have to do is look at this year’s awards in the large-theatre stream.  [Read more…]

Tough love makes another writer happy

“Colin, you are intellectually honest to a rigorous degree.  It’s such a pleasure reading your notes.  Very very helpful. I’ve been with [my manuscript] all weekend, making edits.  The writing gets easier all the time.” It’s such a pleasure to received notes like this from authors such as first-time writer Rebecca Murdock, whose writing isn’t only getting easier, it’s getting better all the time. I’m looking forward to seeing her children’s fantasy novel in print.

Don’t let this Slipp

Emma Slipp, The Concessions, Touchstone Theatre

Emma Slipp plays her cards right in The Concessions

Actor Emma Slipp has come into her own this season (as have Lindsey Angell and Emmelia Gordon).

Tonight and tomorrow are your last chances to see Slipp in Touchstone Theatre’s The Concessions. Thanks to poor dramaturgy, the script isn’t great— but Slipp is.

[Read more…]

Praise from Pam Withers

pam_zipline“I benefited from the editorial advice of…above all, the brilliant, patient, and ever-humourous Colin Thomas” : very kind words from multiple best-selling author Pam Withers, in her recently published Paintball Island. Thanks, Pam! I will strive to be all of that.

Pam writes excellent adventure books for teen readers. Check out her website:

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