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Sex, shame, and land claims

Robert Salvador, Alexa Devine, Allan Morgan, and Manami Hara in This Stays in the Room

Robert Salvador, Alexa Devine, Allan Morgan, and Manami Hara get clear about shame in This Stays in the Room

This weekend, I highly recommend two shows.

This Stays in the Room (Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre at the Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova) is based on true stories about shame and forgiveness. Mindy Parfitt’s direction is fantastically resourceful. And the show’s got a stellar cast (Alexa Devine, Manami Hara, Allan Morgan, and Robert Salvador). This Stays in the Room closes March 30, so book now. [Read more…]

Vancouver theatre, Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, The Frank Theatre Company, Minh Ly, homophobia

B.C. Lee plays Hong and Michael Antonakos is Matt in Ga Ting

Ga Ting is a necessary—and welcome—play, but neither the script nor the production is polished.

In Ga Ting, which translates from the Chinese as Family, first-time playwright Minh Ly imagines a meeting between a Matt, a white gay man who has just lost his partner Kevin to suicide, and Kevin’s Chinese-Canadian parents, Hong and Mei Lee. It’s the first time that the mom and dad have laid eyes on the lover. [Read more…]

Stan Douglas says that Vancouver’s contempt for artists gives him more room to move

Stan Douglas, Helen Lawrence, Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver

Stan Douglas conceived Helen Lawrence and is directing the project

Stan Douglas and Chris Haddock, the big brains behind Helen Lawrence, which opens next Wednesday, March 19, have some surprising things to say about why they choose to make art in Vancouver. These comments didn’t fit into my preview interview with the pair, which will appear in this Wednesday’s Straight, so here they are.  [Read more…]

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