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How to make a press release media-friendly

publicity, Vancouver theatre, press releaseThis is another post for publicists. Again, I want to thank the theatre publicists of Vancouver for helping me so much. With this post, I’m hoping to provide some information that will help us all to do our jobs even more efficiently.

When I get a press release, I’m primarily looking for information, not  prose, so please don’t bury the relevant material—the run dates, the venue, the principal artists—in the body of your copy. [Read more…]

Greasy mess

Vancouver theatre, Studio 58, Grease, Peter Jorgensen, Lauren Jackson, Chirag Naik

Lauren Jackson’s Sandy cozies up to Markian Tarasiuk’s Danny in Studio 58’s Grease.

Peter Jorgensen’s direction of Grease at Studio 58 is bit of a mess, but some student performances shine through. [Read more…]

How to write three acts

three-acts, plays, screenplays, story editing, substantive editing

The three-act structure: our brains are wired for it.

It’s simple really. Act 1  sets the scene. In Act 2, the hero pursues what she wants. And, in Act 3, she goes after what she needs. In a story that ends happily, she will prevail thanks to the insight that she has gained through her struggle. [Read more…]

The story on West Side Story

Troika Productions, West Side Story, Jerome Robbins, Vancouver theatre, Vancouver editor

The dancers in Troika Productions’ West Side Story get high on Jerome Robbins’s choreography

One of the arguments against non-Equity touring productions, such as Troika Entertainment’s West Side Story, which is at the QE until this weekend, is that patrons get sucked into paying inflated high prices to see performers who have never appeared on the Great White Way. This West Side Story ain’t cheap—85 bucks will get you a seat in the last row—and many of the actors are still in training. But they’re also very good.  [Read more…]

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