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2013: Top shows and emerging artists

Ronnie Burkett, The Daisy Theatre, Vancouver theatre, top 10 2013

Despite being named after a douche, Esme Massengil is glamour incarnate in Ronnie Burkett’s The Daisy Theatre

In this post, I’ll list my top ten from 2013, then I’ll pick out six emerging artists who are particularly promising.

BTW, no wonder I love the Fringe Festival: it consistently presents some of the most innovative work we see all season. It does so in the context of a celebratory festival. And tickets are affordable. Of the ten top shows I’m about to name, three were at the Fringe.

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Has the renovation of the York Theatre gone far enough?

York Theatre, Vancouver, Cultch, Gregory Henriquez, Tom Durrie

AT 639 Commercial Drive, the York Theatre has had a major reno

The renovation of the York Theatre took a huge amount of work and dedication from arts activist Tom Durrie, former city councillor Jim Green, and the Cultch’s executive director Heather Redfern—not to mention crucial support from the City of Vancouver and the Wall Financial Corporation. All of these individuals and institutions deserve enormous credit. But how well does the theatre actually work? [Read more…]

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