Workman’s God and Burkett’s Daisies

Hawksley Workman, The God that Comes, Ronnie Burkett, The Daisy Theatre, the Cultch

Hawksley Workman works it in The God That Comes

If you want to know what shows to see this week and next, just point yourself at the Cultch.

The God That Comes, Hawksley Workman’s take on The Bacchae runs there until November 24. Workman is a phenomenal musician and singer and his work here is darkly—and often delightfully—seductive, especially in the first half.

And Ronnie Burkett’s The Daisy Theatre runs at the Cultch November 26 to December 15. Burkett is a master puppeteer and improviser. His playwriting doesn’t always rise to the extraordinary level of his other talents but, this time around, he has commissioned ten Canadian playwrights—including Daniel MacIvor, Brad Fraser, Joan MacLeod, and Judith Thompson—to write short scripts for him. That’s a most excellent idea. He’ll perform a different set of ’em every night.

Both The God That Comes and The Daisy Theatre are solo shows. You’ll be dazzled.

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