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Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay legislation will ruin lives. Screw him.

The line-up is dizzying. Some of Canada’s major playwrights—folks like Daniel MacIvor, George F. Walker, Morris Panych, and Ronnie Burkett—will all be on the bill when Zee Zee Theatre presents Nyet this coming Sunday, October 27 at the Arts Club’s Granville Island Stage. And then there’ll be me; I’ve got a piece in the show, too. 

Nyet is a political cabaret that was created in response to Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay legislation. It’s now illegal to “promote” homosexuality—by being openly gay, for instance. There is also legislation in the works that would allow the Russian state to remove children from their queer parents.

Make no mistake: people will die because of this. Teenagers, especially, will be vulnerable to suicide. That’s why my monologue is about teen suicide.

Nyet will rock the Arts Club’s Granville Island Stage on Sunday, October 27 at 8:00 pm. Proceeds from the $17 tickets (available at www.vancouvertix.com or 604-629-VTIX) will to the Russian LGBT Network (lgbetnet.ru) and will help to fund legal counsel for those affected.

Drag queens Isolde N. Barron and Peach Cobblah will host.

Here’s the full line-up of writers: Ronnie Burkett, Jan Derbyshire, Dave Deveau, Mark Leiren-Young, Shawn Macdonald, Daniel MacIvor, Morris Panych, Colin Thomas, George F. Walker,  Deborah Williams, and Marcus Youssef.

See you there, comrades!

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