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Performance Art Trap, Radix Theatre, Death Trap

The Death Trap is one of the mini venues in Radix Theatre’s The Performance Art Trap

If you want do catch one of the best shows that’s on this week, you’ve got tonight and tomorrow night to do it. Radix Theatre’s The Performance Art Trap, which Boca del Lupo is presenting as part of its Micro Performance Series, closes on May 4. Catch it if you can.

There are four traps—big, custom-made cardboard boxes—scattered around Granville Island. You enter each one solo and have an encounter with the performer or performers inside. Three of the traps are themed: Sex, Death, and Relationships. And there’s a fourth, VIP trap, which is a trap of a different kind. it’s all tons of fun and pretty intense.

The alternative theatre scene in Vancouver is strong and this show gives you a chance to taste it for only ten bucks.

And, of course, Craigslist Cantata is still rockin’ it at the Arts Club’s Revue Stage. I love this musical revue, which Bill Richardson and Veda Hille created using Craigslist ads.

All of the performers are excellent and the wonderfully hip and vulnerable Selina Martin is a standout.

Have a good weekend.

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