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Constant craving

Craigslist Cantata, Bree Greig, Arts Club Theatre

Bree Grieg pitches her collection of stuffed penguins in Craigslist Cantata (which is what the show should really be called)

The remount of Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata opened on Wednesday night at the Arts Club’s Revue Stage, and it will still charm your pants off—and sell them online.  [Read more…]

Which way you goin’, Billy?

Billy Elliot, Drew Minard, Rich Hebert

Drew Minard as Billy and Rich Hebert as his dad in Billy Elliot

The movie version of Billy Elliot left Billy’s sexual orientation up for grabs. In the musical, he is more clearly gay—at least as I see it. You’ll probably forget Elton John’s score the minute you leave the theatre, but you’re less likely to forget the image of two prepubescent characters doing a lively drag number—to the delight of a packed house.

The touring company of Billy Elliot will be at the QE until April 7 and it’s worth seeing: it’s my pick this week. [Read more…]

David C. Jones, Culture Vulture, and me

David C. Jones, Colin Thomas, criticism, theatre

David C. Jones interviewed me for his Youtube series, Culture Vulture



Local talented guy and all-round bon vivant David C. Jones interviewed me recently for his Youtube series, Culture Vulture. We talked about the role of the critic, how to receive criticism, and why I love theatre. Check it out:

They like me. They really, really like me.

testimonials, editing, Vancouver, Colin Thomas

I appreciate the heartfelt testimonials I receive for my editing work.

Editing somebody’s writing is so intimate. And sometimes it can feel so presumptuous. That’s why I am so pleased and humbled by the testimonials I receive for my editing work.

This week, I’ve gotten a bumper crop.  [Read more…]

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