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Leanna Brodie, John Emmet Tracy, Pippa Mackie, Pi Theatre, Terminus

Leanna Brodie, John Emmet Tracy, and Pippa Mackie rock in Pi Theatre’s Terminus

Pi Theatre’s production of Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus is handsome on all levels, but it’s not getting the sold-out houses it deserves. The imagery in the script is undeniably violent but, good lord, the language is beautiful and the performances are fantastic. So don’t wimp out, Vancouver. Go see Terminus. And see it this weekend; it closes on March 17.

In Terminus, O’Rowe braids together three monologues to evoke a wild—and dark—night in contemporary Dublin. A former teacher turns enforcer as she tries to halt a one-time student’s mean-streets abortion. A girl falls from a crane and is snatched up by a demon with leathery wings. And a timid guy who has sold his soul to the devil does terrible things.

There’s no denying that some of the imagery is gruesome but I have never been so thrilled by the poetry of a text. And this ain’t Tarantino, folks; the script deals in words, not graphic visual gore.

Besides, this production features some of the best acting you’ll see this season. Pippa Mackie is becoming a familiar face to Vancouver audiences, but Leanna Brodie and John Emmet Tracy—who ROCK—are newcomers to the city. Do yourself a favour and go see their work.


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