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This one is for publicists

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Publicists and critics: lets get the word out together

I want to start by saying a big thank-you to Vancouver theatre publicists. In so many ways, all of you make my life—and, I’m sure, the lives of all of the other critics—so much easier. You help to make us look smart and informed, which must sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

I have nothing but gratitude for the way that most professional publicists do their jobs. But there are one or two little tweaks that I’d like to suggest to the pros, and there are some more fundamental requests that I’d like to reiterate for folks who don’t necessarily do this kind of work as often. [Read more…]

Seasoned pros and fresh talent

Studio 58, Lanford Wilson, Balm in Gilead

Stephanie Izsak as Ann, one of the sex workers, in Balm in Gilead

This weekend, I recommend two shows. Take your pick: seasoned pros or fresh talent. [Read more…]

Sex with 2 pianos and 4 hands may be maladjusted

Broken Sex Doll, Virtual Stage, Benjamin Elliott

Gili Roskies and Benjamin Elliott get a tingly feeling in Broken Sex Doll

Wondering what to see this weekend? There’s a smorgasbord, I tell ya, a smorgasbord.

At the Cultch, Andy Thompson’s often-hilarious Broken Sex Doll offers a chance to see rising star Benjamin Elliott—and a couple of guys in jockstraps and lots of women in spandex. It’s a futuristic musical about porn. [Read more…]

Terminal city

Leanna Brodie, John Emmet Tracy, Pippa Mackie, Pi Theatre, Terminus

Leanna Brodie, John Emmet Tracy, and Pippa Mackie rock in Pi Theatre’s Terminus

Pi Theatre’s production of Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus is handsome on all levels, but it’s not getting the sold-out houses it deserves. The imagery in the script is undeniably violent but, good lord, the language is beautiful and the performances are fantastic. So don’t wimp out, Vancouver. Go see Terminus. And see it this weekend; it closes on March 17. [Read more…]

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