Leo will trip you out

Tobia Wegner defies gravity in Leo

If you have time to catch Leo at the Cultch this weekend, by all means do it. This excellent show closes on the 15th.

Originator and solo artist Tobias Wegner is a handsome and crazily skilled physical performer. Conceptually, he will trip you right out. In the show, there are two main visual fields. In one, Wegner performs live. He’s in a small room, but it’s tilted: what should be a wall is the floor. When Wegner is “standing on the floor”, he has actually got his feet firmly planted on the wall. To the left of the real room, there’s a screen in which the orientation is corrected. Is this making any sense?

All you really need to know is that Wegner playfully screws with your notions of proprioception and gravity. And the evening just keeps getting more and more inventive.

Here’s a link to Kathleen Oliver’s full review: http://www.straight.com/article-850201/vancouver/leo-dazzling-gravitydefying-creation

Like she said.

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