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How am I doing? Scoring this fall’s theatre preview

Sarah Jane Pelzer appears (creepily) as Jane Doe in "Ride the Cyclone", which is coming to the Arts Club's Granville Island Stage January 17 to February 16

Sarah Jane Pelzer ) as Jane Doe in “Ride the Cyclone”

Writing spring and fall theatre previews is always risky business. I mean, I’m asked to recommend productions—in most cases, without having seen them. So how well did I do picking winners in this fall’s theatre preview? [Read more…]

11 for ’12: Theatre highlights of the past year

James Long and Marcus Youssef in "Winners and Losers, one of the best shows in 2012. And it's coming back in 2013.

James Long and Marcus Youssef in “Winners and Losers, one of the best shows in 2012. And it’s coming back in 2013.

This is the time of year when people choose top-ten lists. Just to be perverse—and because it’s my own damn blog—I’ve chosen my 11 favourite shows from the past calendar year. [Read more…]

Leo will trip you out

Tobia Wegner defies gravity in Leo

If you have time to catch Leo at the Cultch this weekend, by all means do it. This excellent show closes on the 15th. [Read more…]

Respect for the arts—and arts training

At the Birmingham Ormiston Academy, public funding shows respect for students’ passions

I just got back from England, where I went to see my 14-year-old godson, Leon, perform in his first professional acting gig. It’s with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford. He’s playing Falstaff’s page, Robin, in The Merry Wives of Windsor. [Read more…]

Holiday entertainment

John Murphy (centre) channels a biblical Basil Fawlty in Hotel Bethlehem

‘Tis the season—for remounts. [Read more…]

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