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This week, the best show I’ve seen is The 13th Chair at Studio 58. In this production, director Sarah Rodgers takes a creaky old thriller and turns it into a hilarious and stylin’ evening. Everybody in the large cast is strong and Kazz Leskard, who plays the police inspector, may very well be a star in the making.

Here’s the link to my full review on the Straight‘s website: http://www.straight.com/article-544791/vancouver/studio-58s-13th-chair-sparkles-talent

Over at the Cultch, Ronnie Burkett’s marionette show, Penny Plain, is dazzling in terms of his skill, and the marionettes are gorgeous objects. Unfortunately, the story is weak. You can check out my full review here: http://www.straight.com/article-543711/vancouver/puppeteering-ronnie-burketts-penny-plain-pure-poetry

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