• “I'm overwhelmed by how carefully you read the novel ... and by how right you are about absolutely everything.”

    Edeet Ravel, author of the Pauline series
  • “He's changed my entire perception of what an editor can do to strengthen and guide a story.”

    Karen Rivers, award-winning and best-selling author of the XYZ series
  • “You are one of the most brilliant editors I've encountered.”

    Jesse Finkelstein, director of operations, D&M Publishers
  • “Genius. Your notes do EXACTLY what a good set of film notes should do. Your take is crystal clear.”

    Guy Bennett, screenwriter, Ocean Blue
  • “Colin has a marvelous talent for working with words (along with a super sense of humour).”

    Pam Withers, author of 15 best-selling young-adult books, including the Take It To The Extreme series
  • “Thank you for the wonderful input, by far the most valuable I've received in six books.”

    Chris Wood, co-author with Beverly Wood of The Golden Boy
  • “Your breakdown of structure coupled with specific suggestions for action is fantastic.”

    Taryn Boyd, managing editor, Whitecap Books
  • “Your notes and letters are, collectively, an editorial masterpiece”

    Jesse Finkelstein, director of operations, D&M Publishers
  • “You gave me the perfect advice on how to tighten the plot and jumpstart the action.”

    Michael V. Smith, author of Cumberland, nominated for the Amazon.ca/Books in Canada First Novel Award
  • “Knowing that you're there to back up your notes gives me a whole lot of confidence.”

    anonymous author of an exciting new thriller
  • “Thanks for offering your guidance with such kindness and humour, such heart and wisdom.”

    Maggie Mooney and Michelle Benjamin, co-authors of Nobel's Women of Peace
  • “The story just started writing itself.”

    James McCann, author of Pyre
  • “Thanks for helping me find my story ... and my sanity.”

    Nettie Wild, screenwriter and award-winning documentary filmmaker
  • “I have never seen such articulate feedback on a manuscript.”

    Taryn Boyd, managing editor, Whitecap Books

I can help you to unlock the full potential of your story.

As a substantive editor and story editor, I work with both established and emerging authors, analyzing the narrative structure of their manuscripts — looking at elements such as plot, character, and theme.

I provide both rigorous analysis and support for your creative process.

Working with me, you will receive

I can help you with your

My job is to help you get the bones of your story right.


"I can't say how grateful I am and how much I owe you."


Besides being an editor, I am also a playwright and theatre critic.


Please feel free to contact me to chat about your project.


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